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Check Out Our Selection of NEW Stock Blanks we have Available!

To Our Customers Surprise, Not Only Did We Build His Rifle, We Also Stocked His PH's Rifle. Small World.
Here at Canyon Creek, We Specialize in Heirloom Quality Wood Stocks and Wood Stocked Rifles. If you are not familiar with us, you should know that LeRoy also does the Precision Gunsmithing on Our Rifle Builds. If you are looking for a Precision Longe Range Hunter in a Synthetic, We Can also Fill Those Needs. If a True Custom is what You Desire, wether you want Beautiful Wood Stock Rifle or a Rugged Hunter, Look No Further.

 With 50 Years of Combined Experience in the Gun Building Trade, LeRoy and Connie Barry, owners of Canyon Creek Custom Gunstocks, LLC, have Considerable Experience with a Very Extensive Array of Different Manufacturers of Rifles and Shotguns.

LeRoy worked for Cooper Firearms as Stock Shop Manager, Stock Designer, Customer Service Manager, and Gunsmith for over 14 years.

If you are Looking for a High Grade Custom Stock or Complete Custom Rifle or Shotgun, Go No Further, as No One Else Can Equal LeRoy's Experience with Cooper, Anschutz, Winchester, Remington and Many Other Actions.

Everything from the little 17 caliber actions to the Big African Magnums, Including Your Long Range Precision Calibers.


Connie Barry of Canyon Creek Custom Gunstocks, LLC has gained World Wide Recognition and Appreciation for her Elegant and Well Executed Custom Checkering Designs.

Connie's Flawless Execution in Layouts and Design on her Checkering Patterns, Truely Set Canyon Creek Custom Gunstocks, LLC, Apart From the Rest.


In 1991, at the age of 20, LeRoy Barry started his profession in the custom gun world. As an apprentice at COOPER FIREARMS, LeRoy started learning the finer points of stockbuilding, as a sander and also running the duplicating machine. After mastering the different process's of stockbuilding, LeRoy moved into the assembly and customer service areas.

In 1995, Dan Cooper hired LeRoy to set up and run the STOCK SHOP, a new business, where LeRoy supervised and built HIGH GRADE over under shotgun sets for a Connecticut based company called CVC. In 1997, COOPER ARMS and CVC merged, bringing LeRoy back under the COOPER ARMS umbrella, where he was handed the wood shop once again. LeRoy had a number of stock designs he developed, two of which were for the ANSCHUTZ USA project, a sporter and a mannlicher, based around the Anschutz 1710 action. These received high marks with the writers and the public. In the spring of 1998, LeRoy left COOPER ARMS for a short hiatus, but was convinced to come back and run the wood shop in 1999.

In the years that followed, LeRoy built many custom stocks around different actions thru COOPER ARMS, along with supervising, designing and producing Coopers own line, which includes the JACKSON SQUIRREL rifle and others.

In 2001, LeRoy's future wife, Connie, started learning the fine art of high grade checkering, also a COOPER ARMS employee, where she excelled. Thru her background as a wildlife artist and having a fine eye for detail and design, she is equally important in the overall success and unmatched quality and beauty of a CANYON CREEK stock.

In 2004 LeRoy was encouraged by Dan Cooper himself, to start producing his own custom products. In July of 2006, LeRoy and Connie broke away from Cooper and began solely, CANYON CREEK CUSTOM GUNSTOCKS, LLC.