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Hunting, Fishing & Recreation in Utah
Tabby Mountain Ranch is where you will find a premier hunt and a first class corporate retreat destination. While you are here participate in one of our numerous activities including Fishing, Snowmobiling, ATV Riding, Pheasant Hunting, Trophy Elk Hunting, Mule Deer Hunting, or Hiking on 34,000+ acres of some of the most beautiful private country in the West
 SCI SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL  www.scifirstforhunters.org
GAME TRAILS WILDLIFE STUDIO www.gametrailstaxidermy.com  (406)273-2210 Steve Brett
LeRoy's Utah Little Red Creek Ranch Bull  Game Trails Taxidermy          LeRoy's Utah Little Red Creek Ranch Bull  Game Trails Taxidermy

Great Photos of Friends and Customers

Dale Peyton Hungary

Hungary Dale Peyton

Ryan Dennett Croc

Alberta Whitetail Denny Phillips

Vaughn Gourley Leopard

 Africa Vaughn Gourley Cape Buffalo

Africa Vaughn Gourley Giraffe

Africa Vaughn Gourley

Texas Stu Lilly Mule Deer

Africa Black Wildabeast Kari Dunks


Africa Gemsbuck Kari Dunks

 Africa Springbuck Kari Dunks

Leonard Cash Whitetail Nebraska?

Leonard Cash Bull

Africa Milan Elephant

Africa Milan Impala

Africa Milan Kudu

Africa Milan Water Buck


































and again, YES that is the 300 WSM he shot his elk with!